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NEF Africa Science Week features a series of events to promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in various cities of participating countries. The events are led by the NEF Ambassador for the country, together with the support of champions from academia, and public and private sector stakeholders, to raise the profile of STEM in the participating country. All journalists attending the events will have access to high-level speakers and attendees representing experts in development, elected officials, national advocates and the next generation of local leaders. Media wishing to cover the events will have access to the NEF Africa Science Week press pack and round-the-clock social media featuring breaking news and results coming out of the events.

Activities Include

  • Coding Workshops
  • STEM Outreach in High Schools and Universities
  • Hackathons
  • Science Fun Day
  • Industry Visits & Roundtables
  • Women in Science Activities
  • Science 4 Entrepreneurs Events
  • Academic Conferences
  • TED Talks

Who can I Interview?

NEF Leadership, NEF Ambassadors and local STEM partners are available for interviews

Can I attend Africa Science Week events?

Yes, most, if not all activities are open to the media. Please contact for general inquiries.

See your country representative for contact for each country.









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